søndag 21. februar 2010


DNA spirals


is a colour and also means
aina: third eye
the magic that's behind

...indigo fera is my favourite flower since I was a child...

Flowing with the movement of the hot glass, and making it move me, is a great experience.

Working with different people has tought me a lot. When the syncronisation between people and the glass and that movement is harmonized, it is possible to go further.
That's like being free and light and without time...just to go with the movement in the heat and the now where the glass take me and I take the glass. It is a conversation.
And the studio is called indigo because of that communication. I hope it is possible that the glass talk to people, when the glass is cold, and then that communication of feeling, rythm, music and movement is captured in shape and colour.

There is no reason to create only for your own ego
if there is no conecton to other people... how can we meet, how do we grow, how do we make change? How to change something in peoples hearts and share joy?
If there is a conection between my communication with the glass and that the glass can continue to communicate with people, then there is a reason to create.
I try to share trough the glass and truly hope that it can catch light and shine out.